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Dance-a-thon Schedule

We are very excited to be holding our Halloween Dance-a-thon on Tuesday, October 31st.  We ask all fundraising pledges to be brought prior to or on that date so that we can begin to calculate top prize winners.  In order to ensure a fun Halloween experience for all students we request students choose costumes that are appropriate for an elementary school.  Please recognize that many ... Continue reading "Dance-a-thon Schedule"

Christianity’s victory over paganism explained through origins of Hallowe’en

Christianity’s victory over paganism explained through origins of Hallowe’en

Catholic Register – Oct. 30, 1995

By David M. Kelly

It is difficult to imagine a Christian festival with children running around dressed as ghosts, devils and teenaged mutant ninja turtles.  An yet, for all its pomp and would-be “scariness,” Halloween – the evening before All Saints’ Day ... Continue reading "Christianity’s victory over paganism explained through origins of Hallowe’en"

Staff on PA Day

Today students were able to enjoy a beautiful day at home while staff worked on professional development.  We worked in as a school as well as in our grade divisions analyzing past report cards and EQAO marks as we developed school goals and action plans for the year.

Halloween Dance-a-thon

Our Halloween Dance-a-thon Fundraiser has begun with students starting to bring in their money and receiving early bird prizes.  Individual pledges of $25 or more are eligible for a tax receipt. Proceeds from this fundraiser will go towards replacing old technology as well as subsidize trips and/or presenters such as Jungle Sports, Scientists in the School, and Robotics.

The community is invited to ... Continue reading "Halloween Dance-a-thon"