Dress For Winter Play

December to March are the coldest months in Canada. Layers under a winter coat plus snow pants are great. All primary students need snow pants in order to play on the field during winter months. Please also include extra mitts, socks, and a hat in your child’s knapsack. An extra set of clothing for younger students is also a good idea.  Students always need to be prepared to go outside as the weather often improves over the day.

Here are tips to keep your child warm and comfortable while they are at school:

  • Dress in three layers: Inner layer to keep moisture away from skin; middle layer to retain body heat; outer wind breaking layer
  • Let your child put on their own outerwear at home so they are able to do this at school
  • Pack extra dry clothes such as socks and mitts, and remind your child to change as soon as clothing gets wet
  • Wear a hat to cover the ears and head
  • Try a neck warmer without loose ends that covers the chin and face
  • Wear mitts to keep fingers together instead of gloves with fingers
  • Wear boots big enough for wool socks and room for toes
  • Stay active in the cold – make snow angels and build snow castles to keep warm
  • Learn about staying warm and safe and extreme cold facts

If your child is dressed for the weather during the school day they can play with other children and feel included. Taking breaks outside the classroom helps children learn, be attentive and focus.