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Treat Everyone With Respect, Everyday, All The Time
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Honesty [Image:150609_24221_0.png]I will... be sincere, trustworthy, and truthful even when it is difficult stand by what is right and just be considerate of others when I speak, write and listen Jesus, Prince of all Heavenly truths, Your Words are carved for e Read More...

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Good Shepherd School Support Optional Online Donations: If you have relatives that want to donate but live far – give them our online donations choice: The community is invited to utilize the York Catholic District School Board’s on-line payment system for making voluntary dona Read More...

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EQAO Dates for gr. 3 & 6 are May 25–June 8, 2016 We would like to remind parents of students who are currently in grades 3 and 6 that EQAO testing occurs during the period of May 25th to June 8th. We ask that you ensure your child is in school during this time and schedule appointments and vacations ar Read More...

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What's Up This Week? What's Up this Week? Monday is our amazing talent show. It will begin at 1:30 pm. On Tuesday, Mrs. Sauve's class along with the junior and intermediate students will be off to the ROC for a physical adventure. Finally, on our last day with the students Read More...

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Amazing Week - lots happening in such a little school! We had a very busy week with our last mass being celebrated at St. Elizabeth Seton Parish on Tuesday in the morning with Father Roy. Later that evening we enjoyed a delightful and entertaining School BBQ which was organized by our Catholic School Council Read More...

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3D Printing At Good Shepherd Increases Student Creativity Students at Good Shepherd School are using all sorts of creative programing such as Tinkercad, an online design website, and Sculpt Plus, an app on our ipads. Our students are using the 6 Cs - Catholic Character, Critical Thinking & Problem Solving, Crea Read More...

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3 D Printing Arrives at Good Shepherd School Good Shepherd students in Mrs. Veri-Roy’s grade 4/5 class explored the creative exploration of 3D design and printing this month. Students worked collaboratively on designing innovative 3D structures of a building on Tinkercad, a 3D online design websit Read More...

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Dress Code in warmer weather Now that the warm weather is here, we would like to remind everyone about our dress code. All students will dress appropriately and neatly for all school activities. The guidelines include the following: No halter tops, spaghetti straps (narrower in w Read More...

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Phone: 905-895-0303
Fax: 905-895-0304
Class Hours: 9:00 am - 3:30 pm

Principal: D. Ferri-Violante
Head Secretary: J. Tersigni
Pastor: Fr. Roy Roberts

Superintendent: Mr. Opiyo Oloya
Trustee(s): Theresa McNicol

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Phone: 1-855-856-7862

Planned absences may be reported in advance.

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